Local Track Meet

March 25, 2017

Statesboro High School

8 am check in ; 9 am start

You can register at the event between 8 am -8:30 am


The free event for ages 7 to 14 include:
50-Meter Dash (ages 7-10)
1,600-Meter (Mile) Run (ages 9-14)
100-Meter Dash
Standing Long Jump
200-Meter Dash
Running Long Jump
400-Meter Run
Shotput (ages 9-14)
800-Meter Run
Softball Throw


8am check-in
8-8:30 am Late registration
9am start
Ages 7-14
FREE Event!

Age control date: December 31, 2017
Held at Statesboro High School track

For more information about the local track meet, contact the Track Supervisor, Chris Atkinson at 912-764-5637.