Youth Basketball Coaches Information
To download a Coach Application for the current season, please click here.

Applications and Sheriff’s Consent Form for the Background Check can
be turned in at the Honey Bowen Building on Fair Road in Statesboro
Mondays – Fridays between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:30 pm.
You may also mail completed forms to:

SBCPRD Volunteers
P O Box 408
Statesboro, GA 40359

Please read the following very carefully:

All coaches will be basketball certified under NYSCA (National Youth Sports Coaches Association).  There will be a video tape portion and a hands-on clinic for certification.
Both segments must be completed in order to be certified.


1.    You were NYSCA certified in basketball last season.
2.    All you are required to do this year to continue your certification is sign a copy of the
Coaches’ Code of Ethics.  It is mandatory that all coaches attend the hands-on clinic.

  1. You are currently NYSCA certified in another sport (baseball/softball/football).
  2. You do not need to attend the video clinic, however you must attend the hands-on clinic in order to be certified to coach football.  (If you are not sure of your certification status, please call Mitch Stafford or Dadrian Cosby at 764-5637.)
  1. You are not currently NYSCA certified.
  2. You must attend the hands-on clinic and only one of the video clinics.  Attendance is not optional if you wish to coach.


NYSCA Video Clinic Dates:
Honey Bowen Building
All non-certified coaches must attend one date.
Hands-On/Field Clinic Dates:
Honey Bowen Building
All coaches must plan on attending.

Coaches rules meetings will be held during the Hands-On Clinic on date TBA.

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Youth Basketball Contact Information

The SBCPRD Youth Basketball Program Supervisors for Portal and Statesboro are Dadrian Cosbyand Mitch Stafford.
Supervisor for Brooklet, Nevils and Stilson is Ronnie Melton.
You may reach Statesboro/Portal by phone at (912) 764-5637.
You may reach the South Bulloch supervisor by phone at (912) 842-2443